Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Is Just Friends Feasible?

With permission I am posting this information.

A week or so ago I received this message. (If you are trying to link this to the last post, don't. The two are unconnected.)

"I saw this and I thought you might like it...

"I Have an appointment with spring. She comes to the window to wake me, and I go forth an hour or two earlier than usual. Though as yet the trill of the chip-bird is not heard -- added--- like the sparkling bead which bursts on bottled cider or ale. When not only from our ordinary life with a proper exciple, we wake with emphasis."


I hope at some point we can still have coffee."

(((What was that, you may ask. Although he edited the quote to his liking, :) that was the good stuff, When I get tricked into my next relationship, I will stay in that relationship due to notes like that. Gulp, this may mean that I am a sentimentalist. Anyhow, the only response I could give was the beautiful truth.)))

"I apologize, I have been meaning to respond to this.

This was lovely. Thank You.

I've been silent because I am currently in a non-dating phase. I know it must sound like bullshit, but it isn't bullshit. I'm just trying to figure life out -- And boys aren't helping. Hence my silence. I doubt you're looking for friendship, right?" (Yeah, the use of bullshit twice is claaassy.)

(((If I were to be honest about the dating, I don't know what I want? This being the reason I have benched myself.)))

Mr. N.'s response: "Friends would be nice - that is what I am looking for."

Me: "Okay, then lets do that coffee."

(((If you're reading this, forgive me for what I am about to write. We shall see if this is a trap.)))

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