Monday, February 8, 2010

Wednesday Addams

It hurts to think of all the happenings of yesterday,(Actually, this occured on Tuesday, but there was no time to finish.) but I will try. It was one of those san pause days that started with, coffee, all good stories commence with coffee. Then it was rehearsing lines from 'Lend Me A Tenor,' with my partner Max. Then I took the yellow uptown to the Drama Book Shop to purchase, 'Speech and Debate,' a play I was going to audition for.

What was asked of us to audition was a memorized monologue and to have read the play. With monologue memorized and play purchased I head back downtown to century 21 to purchase a pair of panties, because mine were simply uncomfortable. So, with new panties on, and the disliked ones discarded, I went on my way to Barnes & Nobles. (How ever odd this may sound, it's just how I do things. When my boots soak through, I purchase sneakers, when I forget the gloves, I get more gloves. Am I going to allow the stress of something silly like panties haunt me all day? Not so much.)

At Barns & Nobles I read 'Speech and Debate' through lunch, and until 4:30 p.m. The auditions were to start at 5p.m., and at 5 p.m. they did. I arrived at 6 p.m. since I could not find the effing room. O how fun it was searching the 5th floor, then the 2nd, then wigging out in my head, then searching the theater department's studio. Mainframe? How are there still rooms that I do not know of at Pace? Thank goodness I ran into a friend, a theater major, who knew where this concealed room was.

A few minutes before the audition I filled out a form and put a feathery flapper headband on backwards. Then, with hair in pig tails I walked in to say Wednesday Addam's Pilgrim/Indian speech.

Yup, I did the matches. I delivered each word. Who knew I could memorize? Did I get the part? I'm going to go with no. It was my first audition, I even mentioned that as I stood there in the center of the room before two women seated at a table, but I got through it, without any hullabaloo.

After this I made a brief appearance at the woman's basketball game with a friend. Those ladies have impressive biceps. I couldn't stay long because basket ball is boring. Then, I stopped somewhere to dine alone before heading back.

When I arrived to Jersey I ran into a friend at the station and drove him home. It went like this: "It's snowing, your coming with me."

Then I sped home to rowdy music, changed clothes, applied lipstick, and left again to pick up a friend so we could attend another friend's birthday bar gathering. We stayed until closing, and spoke of, no, no, I'm not going to mention any of that.

Thank you for reliving day 2/7/10 with me.

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  1. Discarding panties? I hope you don't do that too often... lol

    And do tell of the unmentioned bar talk. :)