Monday, January 11, 2010

NJ to FL Part III

This day was by far my favorite. The dog was settled, no more whining, when my mother complained of the MPH, I took my foot off the pedal, fun was being had. O and Savannah....

Savannah you are a gem and I love you. I walked every street on the map I brought along. Savannah thoughtfully decorates their terraces with vines and other kinds of greenery. I do not have a green thumb, but no doorstep was alike. The buildings were mostly small, four to five floors to each one. Bull Street, the main path of the many squares was, enchanting. I kept thinking of how Anne Rice described New Orleans. I've never been, but Savannah seemed to fit in with her sketch. I was also reminded of Belgium, how easy it was to get around the city, and how the city had it's own personality. Belgium had it's art, the statues, the sculptures, the poetry written on the streets. And Savannah had it's squares with the canopies of weeping willows, the gardens, and the Forsyth Park Fountain that produces rainbows. Savannah I will be back to flirt with you a little more. (O the only thing that confused me were the palm trees -- Savannah, Palm trees?)

When it was time to leave town I was most unhappy. My mother drove as I gave good-bye looks all around me. O it was so sad. After two hours of driving the sun commenced to set, the sky went rose-violet, I tried to capture it with my camera, but the device did it no justice. Then I started taking pictures of truck drivers, then just anyone really, and laughing to myself about it. No-one seemed to mind, much. My mother kept asking me what I was doing, and I kept responding, "Nothing," in my most angelic tone. When she drove, both hands were on the wheel, the seat was pushed as far up as possible, (I don't know how she did it?) her eyes never waivered from the stern look she gave the road. Lawd, if I were to drive like that, I would not last twenty-four minutes.

When we got to Florida, A- I was driving, and B - There was a very flat celebration. It was an inward hooray. We were effing tired. And it didn't help that I got on the Florida TurnPike the not right way, I drove 60 miles North! There were no effing exits, or rest-stops, there was nothing for 60 miles. It was dark and scary. Florida dear, put in a U-Turn between Orlando and Miami, that stretch needs one.

At 3a.m. on Friday the mission was completed. We made it! (And we're still friends.) We were expecting some type of parade to greet us -- But when we realized that we were supposed to do the marching and blow up the odd shaped floats ourselves we thought better of it and postponed it till a more reasonable hour.

What now? Let's see.

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