Saturday, November 21, 2009


Dear Hoboken:

New York trumps you in every sense. Apologies, but why would I come spend time with you when the big buildings are at the other side of the tunnel?

Someone I regard as family invited me to her brother's birthday at some bar, and since I heard (wrong) that Hoboken is a place of many bars that are worth venturing I said yes without thought.

I think I will describe it as it hits me. There is no decent public transportation and parking is impossible. The establishments which were visited were not bad, but there were too many men who were donning tight shirts behind their bulging bodies, paired with gel in their hair.

Now the first spot we were at, Trinity, was okay. But, as we walked to the second place I conversed with a few of the boys that were in our group. It was a mix of cops, firemen, and frat boys. (Mr. Birthday has more friends that he can keep track of) The frat boys didn't bother me, but I had nothing in common with firemen. And less in common with the cops. There was way too much testosterone there for a proper conversation.

Example: At the second place, as I was speaking with a Mr. Cop a man bumped me, nearly knocking me over. (There were many people there, bumping is a given.) At this Mr. Cop's back arched for attack -- His eyes grew larger and starred down this man. This annoyed me. Who does he think he is? I can very well take care of myself and this was not a situation that called me to do so. (In truth, I can take care of myself, but large back up never hurts.) I broke his stare by waving my hand inches away from his face, then I grabbed him by the shirt and said: "I have no problem with throwing an elbow at someone's throat." This was me saying, I can handle myself, also I wanted to scare him a bit. Smile. I did not receive the response I was hoping for. He came back with: "That was so hot." And I thought -- O God, now I'll never lose him. See what I mean about too much testosterone?

At the second locale women were dancing provocatively against walls. Why? Strangers were sandwiching, and/or grinding against each other. Now, I am all for dancing, but I do not want to feel some idiot's crotch on my leg, unless I have known him for about a long time. I stood there at times as if I were at a zoo watching the animals, wishing I had a note pad. Needless to say, I will not be returning. I have better things to do, like drink coffee.

Hoboken I expected more. Sigh.

(Now that I have slept a night, I have realized that I left out the most essential part of the evening. Although I was unappeased with Hoboken & Hoboken's silly boys, fun was had. My friend danced around while smiling, and kept saying, "Stop laughing at me!" Because I was. But it was due to gladnessss. I haven't seen you smile in some time, it made the rest worth it. Hearts.)

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