Saturday, November 14, 2009

Changes Lead To Plans

Or do plans lead to changes?

By January I can no longer label myself as a college student. Unless I return for further education.(which will not happen in any immediate sense)

After that, what are you going to do? Is everyone's favorite question. Let's see if I can give a clear response.

O but before we go to me, here is an update to a previous post on Florida that will reflect upon current changes. Yes, my mother purchased an apt. on that trip in April. She told my father of this a month ago. He may not be convinced on the matter since he keeps saying things like: "I don't believe you -- show me the papers!" Nonetheless she is moving on Jan. 3rd. I know this, because I will be driving her, then settling her in. This being change number two, school being the first.

After Florida I will return to the semi empty house with my dog, Baby, for two or so weeks. Then I will be heading to Brazil for carnaval. (!) (And to complete a writing project.) I want to say I'll be away for a month, but who knows when I'll be back. :) I also want to check out Argentina during this trip. Of course I will be writing about this. (And I will be back in May by the latest. My mother will cut me if I miss the diploma walk.)

But what, after this play? More play? Or something a pinch more substantial?

I keep toying with the idea of returning to Europe, picking up a job in writing if possible, or teaching English if must, and live abroad for a year. But we all know if I do that I will most likely disappear for a while. I'd probably marry some Italian and force him to move out of his mother's home. (Side note: Most Italians don't leave Mama's cooking until marriage.)

Then there is New York City, working in New York, living there, giving myself up to the big buildings. I have such mixed feelings on the subject.

Don't get me wrong I will pull a knife on anyone who speaks badly about New York. One has to have an understanding of the big buildings to discuss it's pro's and con's. The pro's -- It is the land of much and everything. New York has all variations of culture, it's people, it's foods, it's fashions, it's arts. If you want it, what ever it is, you can get it, as long as the pennies provide. It's 3 a.m.? What of it?

But, my dearest New York, you are also the land where many men have lost the concept of time. The shiny lights have fooled them into thinking that women are the only ones who deal with that ticking thing. Here is a friendly hint to such men: When the wrinkles come, there are two things to be done about it. One, get yourself some anti-aging cream. And two, It's time to plan life's next move, not the next party, or time will paint you as that sad gentleman at the bar that no-one wants to speak with.

To be fair, the city does not do much to assist this evolvement. It moves too quickly. And, as for the men in general, they are many things -- Intelligent they are. Handsome? For the most part. But what about the stuff that will keep in the fridge, lasting qualities? Yes, it is the land where the best of the best go, but are the best simply aiming to walk in the best shoes, and nothing more?

Dear New York:

Stop walking so quickly, allow the people to look at each other eye to eye, allow someone to pleasantly finish their lunch. Can you do that? If there is any likelihood that I could do New York this way -- Then I will sign the dotted line in haste.

Am I asking too much?


This is the clearest response I am willing to offer for now.

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