Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day 29

After doing Spain for a while: El Canto, Elche, (the place of many palm trees) and Barcelona (Barcelona: too many college students) it was time to say Ciao to Roeland. O, yes that's right we did spain. I'll write a blurp about it before we move on:

"Leaving Antwerp, rushed and sad. I cried a few tears at 3:24 a.m. in Simon's VW Bug. What to say of Spain? It's dry and there is a slew of mountains about. For some reason I expected it to be greener. Yet, it's beautiful non the less." Okay enough I'm putting myself to sleep.

Onto the mania of this day. Actually the next day needs it's own space. I promise it does. ha


                                                      O, yeah. I went to the Burning Of The Statues festival at El Canto. And to a few other places that I really should have written about. Current date: 05/18/10 Those stories will only exist in my journal....

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