Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day 27


"Wow four days without writing I must feel at home. I'm at Guylian Chocolate Cafe, where all of the elderly of Antwerp come for their coffees and sweets. Ha. Today I did chores. I took a bath, cooked my own lunch, did laundry. Yeah there is something wrong with that sentence. Go tomorrow? Go Wednesday?

Yesterday Roeland and I met Evy and Simon (Roeland's close friends) for breakfast. As we were finishing up I heard a scream - A child was hit by a car, whether the scream came from the child or one of the parents, I wasn't sure? I put my head down for an instant and prayed. Roeland asked the waiter if things were okay and if help was called. The waiter told him yes, an ambulance was on it's way & that it may not be too bad since the child was awake and crying. (This was definitly a humbeling moment. Flesh plus moving metal equals harm to us all. We tend to forget these things when life is grand or at least I do hence the last paragraph.)

Anyway, shortly after we arrived home, Evy called to see if we wanted to meet her and Simon again for drinks. Of course I said yes! They're a fun couple. We had fun exchanging stories. After drinks, pictures, and nearly skipping out on the bill -- I'm so annoyed that we didn't (the service was terrible) -- Roeland and I took off on his motorcycle. As the sun set we went to this old seaport village, Lilly for dinner. We ate at this bar/restaurant. The owners were running the food from their house horizontally across the way, there is no other way to describe it but home cooking. Initially I had my reservations about the shrimp concoction in a bread bowl, but quickly got over it after the first bite. It was perfect -- No other words. The evening I mean, not the food, all though that was very good as well.

The speedometer hit 170 kilometers on the way home. I had to hold onto Roeland with one arm and with the other keep the oversized helmet from flying off my head. Was it bad that I wanted to yell, 'Faster!' ? Incorrect punctuation? Forgive me.

Vanilla sky that night. It's important to remember the sky.

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