Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day 26

Note Book: "I'm borrowing a Belgian's pen. And I'm really full. During this trip I have eaten like a true cow.

Anyway, yesterday I spent the day in Brussels. It started rocky, but evolved into a most perfect day. I purchased gifts for friends and myself. Then I found the town square by following the picture snapping Asians. The Asians are invariably going somewhere important.

According to Roeland witches were burnt at the town square. I met these two weird guys who bought me an ice tea. I tried on a blue wig and pretended I wanted to buy it. Then I went to Nui Nui, a chichi boutique and feigned interest there as I played dress up. In truth, I did like those overalls, but not enough to spend 180 Euro on them and I would probably never wear them at home. Who am I trying to kid -- I would wear them, I'm just trying to make myself feel better."

Since Roeland works in Brussels, I rode to work with him that day and ran around Brussels on my own. I think he was worried about leaving me alone. I told him I had no qualms about entertaining myself. There's always something to see in a new city, even if it's a lamp post. Yes, that's a private joke. No I'm not explaining it.


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