Sunday, September 6, 2009

Day 24

Thank Heavens for a Journal.

"Hm is the sky clearing? I see blue peaking through in patches of dull silver. The afternoon was spent alone. It was nice. I found the shopping center which made me so happy. I bought a pair of fabulous boots from this Italian shop.

Antwerp is beautiful. The architecture is unbelievable. The new construction is modern and is nestled among buildings from the 1900s. The buildings here are giving eyes at their opposites. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

At 6 P.M. everything started to close. The people simply disappeared. There were a few stragglers, but what mostly could be heard was the clanking of forks & knives. The Belgians were having dinner with their families. How different and correct that seems. It makes my heart moist.

For dinner I found this natural sandwich spot. I ahad a vegetable soup with two slices of whole grain bread, a healthy break from Italian carbs and French pastries. After dinner I walked back to the flat and lied down with Crashy. (Roeland's cat)

When Roeland returned from dance class we had frozen meals. (Yes, I ate again. I took eating as a responsibility while traveling) I had a typical Belgian meal of mashed potatoes with ham and cabbage covered in a white sauce. After dinner we had ice cream bars and 1.2 bottles of Champaign. As the buzz was over us Roeland pushed the dining room table towards the wall so he could teach me what he learned at swing class. So fun! He hops around a lot. Ha."

After this? Sleep. It was a long day.

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