Friday, July 17, 2009

Day 16

I decided to return to the Park of Museums. One visit was not enough. Of course I brought along my orange parasol. I additionally brought a blanket and my journal. When all thoughts become glued into one it's time to write several things down to create a bit of space. I did do some catching up but it actually turned into jotting down notes of the surroundings. The surroundings:  Lovers cooing at eachother in every given direction.

It was one of those situations when you seem to be the only single/alone person in the world. Yet, instead of feeling despaired I felt comforted at being able to witness those moments. (Except for that one couple that seemed like they were about to sex eachother only 20, or so feet away from me. That may have made me a little nervous.) The Italians embrace PDA.

There was another couple that struck a cord: "Couple sitting on bench - man lying across - his head in her lap. She reads aloud to him. The pigeons seem more loved and intelligent for it." -Yeah I don't know why I wrote that last detail about the pigeons. I've always had fantasies of reading a book with another as they were, seeing that made me hope for it again. Okay stopping this now.

But, in keeping with this theme of love or not love - Here is a poem that some have spoken a word or two about.

If You Loved Me You Wouldn't Buy Me Flowers

When I view a flower in full bloom, -
I have the urge to give it the -
"Off with your head" treatment -
to place it behind my delicate ear -
And don it as a primitive accessory.
Purpose being?
It would only die bit by bit wedged in a crevice.
Whilst being mocked by my warm cabesa -
That is left un-chopped.
This may be the difference between 23 and 7.

Boys please, no flowers - no bouquets of slow death.
Give me life.
Give me potted Forget-me-nots -
a Rose of Sharon shrub -
or a palm tree,
At least there is hope in it, for it.

Lovers that commence with corner store flowers,
have a tough time surviving hurricanes of - why don't you want to meet my parents -
Or whose lap are you sitting on in this picture.
If you love her -
Buy her a cactus.
Those are hard to kill.

Thank You.

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