Monday, July 6, 2009

Day 11

Day 11 Paola, Brendan's Godsend, who took the responsibility of making sure Brendan experiences the true Roman life, brought us to Cigno, a black sand beach, where the Italians go to lay low and recuperate from the excitement that is Rome. (Yeah I know there are too many commas in that sentence.)

 Once there they took a coffee - I took a gelato. (so good- - it had little bits of cake in it!) Then we got oursevles fabulous cabana chairs. After being a nomad for 10 days those first 9 minutes of laying in the sun and eyeing the water seemed unreal. This is when my mantra of, "Life is Good," started. Yes, from this point on I became known for randomly shouting, Life is Good, at all given moments.

After a couple of Paola's friends arrived we decided that lunch would be a good reason to peel ourselves from our chairs. Ahhhhh Yeah the food spread was amazing. I had a salad because I tend to eat lite at the beach -- the sun -- the tiny bikini that could be mistaken for an eye patch -- it just seemed like the right thing to do. Everyone else had a healthy portion of sea food salad and pasta - O and pies- Italy likes they're berry pies. After lunch we took a walk along the water as I annoyed my new friends by telling them how good life was Then it was off to the next beach, the "Beautiful People Beach."

If Cigno beach was a spot to lay low, the beautiful beach is where the opposite occurs. This was the posh beach where the youthful, name brand flashing hang out. The layout was Egyptian themed, white blankets, presumably expensive drinks, (I didn't pay for them.) studly Italian men wearing tight jeans in various colors of green, yellow, and salmon, accompanied by a shaved head or a high pony tail. It was a scene.

On our blanket I met more of Paola's lovely friends. Among them was a Portuguese speaking Italian who hearts Brazil, Francesco. (He will be mentioned again.)

 As the sun set a lengthily Italian man in a white linen ensemble walked over to a gong in the center and gonged for the sunset. As the sun sent us it's last wink, white linen returned and gonged repeatedly. There was clapping and hooting as we sent the sun off. It's a little perfect, no?

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