Monday, May 18, 2009

Day 2 (I May Not Be The Tour Gal Type)

Day 2 started with orientation. My Aussie friend, R, and I went to the meeting together, and sat together for the various transports that took us to Paris. (bus and cruise ship - both were decent) By the time we arrived to our hotel I could not stand the group situation for much longer - talking through transport for 7 hours straight was fun - but it's tiring. I need my think time. I need moments to gape out of a window, take in my surroundings, and to think of the meaning of life.

After we were settled at the hotel. (four girls to a room) We got back on the bloody bus for a tour of Paris. The plan was to get out and sprint to locations, then get back on the bus to the next destination. Once we got to the first local, the Notre Dame, I slowed down to a crawl as the rest of the group followed the tour guide. I don't like being rushed when getting ready for drinks, forget about being rushed through Paris. When we were on route back to the bus, I decided in a split second that I had to lose these people. When they went left, I went right, and that was that.

I walked a few blocks, stopped, purchased a crepe, and walked around as I ate. I then went to a bar for a glass of wine, sat and studied my French/Italian phrase book.

When I went to the restroom to re-apply my lipstick there was this blonde french woman who starred at me as she washed her hands. When I finished painting my lips, French lady started to make expressive hand gestures. She wanted my lip stick, but to be sure as to what she wanted, I held it up and asked, "you want this?" She excitedly shook her head as if I were about to hand it over. My response was, "absolutly not," followed by "no, no". Well, she got no, and abruptly left.

When I returned to my table I started to think about what had just occured - was this the culture, did I insult her? I then waved my waiter over and explained to him what had just went down. He shook his head, "no no, that is not common." Ha why do these things happen to me?

Before leaving the bar I approached the owner, since I was told that he spoke English. I needed to know where the closest taxi station was. When I asked he offered to drive me home. "If you can wait until 2 I can drive you." I told him that is was sweet of him to offer, but if he were to hail me a cab that would be efficient enough. He did his best to change my mind - which is the worst way to get me to do anything. He asked me to come see him the next night. I lied and said yes - he got my cab and I jet.


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